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    Please help 99' polaris 700 slh won't start!!!

    I have good spark to the plugs, fuel, I have yet to check compression but think it is okay. I believe the problem is the electronic box, after reading have discovered that polaris issued and updated igntion electronic box for this model. This retailing around $300.00 I want to be sure that is my problem. When jet ski ran a week ago, it ran great, but I always had problems restarting, now won't start at all. Is there anyway of testing the box to find out if that is for sure the problem??? Btw putting out 10.6 amps from battery.

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    Battery voltage must be over 10.6 volts while cranking.

    Hold down Bilge button. Pump should run. While holding Bilge button try starting.

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    thanks so far... however i have read several times over what to do if there is no spark, but i do have spark. im new to pwc's but have some knowledge of small engines, at least enough to know if you have spark and fuel you should have combustion. i can't even get engine to fire off with starter fluid.

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    Start with a compression test

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    Low compression will still run the motor on mid to high speed but hard to start

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    Quote Originally Posted by crustbuster View Post
    Low compression will still run the motor on mid to high speed but hard to start
    Okay I have buddy coming for compression test, lets say for craps and giggles it okay, anyway to check the CDI to find out if that's my problem??

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