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    1993 GTS Oil Injection Pump Problem

    Hello, I have been reading these forums for awhile and just decided to register! I have a 1993 Seadoo GTS with the white 587 and was doing a visual inspection of the engine compartment after a day on the lake and noticed that one one the small 1/8" oil lines coming from the oil injection pump was broken in half, probably because it was the original hose from '93 as it still had the white paint on it lol. I also noticed that the cable on the oil pump lever the connects to the throttle had come off and the oil pump lever had spun around because of the spring in what appeared to be the full throttle position. I'm not really sure when this happened because I never noticed any difference in performance. Since noticing this I have replaced both of the 1/8" oil lines, primed the oil pump, reconneted the oil pump lever in the correct position, and taken it to the lake to test. It ran perfect. It seems to me like this could have been a catastrophe, but everything seems fine. It starts fine, idles fine, and tops out at about 40 mph. Any input? Thank you!

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