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    yamaha vxs at not going that fast

    Hey guys yesterday I just took my vxs out on the water for the first time and went full throttle. I've full throttled now that its at 3.1 hours. Before that I didn't wanted to ease the engine in. I warned her up for about 5 to 10 minutes and then did a gps test. I was going against the wind probably 15 mph winds. I was only going wide open throttle for about 6 seconds the speedometer was reading 71 but my phone gps said that I max at only 62. I tested my phone gps to my car and it's dead on. What gives
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    If you are interested in absolute peak speeds, then runs like this should be done in ideal conditions: No wind, no chops, no swells, no "exes" on the back of the boat either! I am a shade over 200 lbs and I have hit 68 mph with half a tank of gas (gps). No breakfast in me and just two gallons of gas in the boat she mite hit 69. If you can't hit 67 or 68 mph on the GPS then something is stuck in your pump or you need to bring it back to the dealer; at 3.1 hours she's essentially a new boat . . .

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    No breakfast in me. To funny

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    wait, exes as in you guys were 3 on the ski PLUS a head wind and you believe 62 is slow?...I'm pretty sure with no wind and just you that would translate in high 60 pass...I don't think there's anything wrong, just 2 extra baggage you don' t need hee hee :P

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    Help me out man. I can't get my ex to even talk to me.

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    to many hash brownies,,,,lol..........

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    in for tips how to get on with 2 exes at the time time

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    They must be "Exes from Texas" . . . everybody is friendly there.

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    Gotta love the exes....just when you think they're out the door and gone for good, they just wait in the bushes, hoping you will get your ass on your new ski...and in a very stealthy fashion, they just creep back on...only to weigh you down and see the disappointment in your

    On a serious note, badd99, I think you will be surprised at what you may see out of it when it has a few more hours and some time to free up...

    Ride it like you stole it, do your 10 hr service and THEN start clocking speed....

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    Guys, it was suppose to VXS and Im going to ride it hard for the rest of the time. Ill GPS right before I take it in for the 10 hour service and if nothing changes ill talk to the guys there. No way im taking this new ski if it ends up being sub par.

    On a side note, damn thing is fast though! Just want to make sure Its top notch since its brand new!

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