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    just bought a 05 R12

    I just bought a 05 R12 with 45 hours. plan is to change the oil and maybe the plugs. I was looking around for ride plates and intake grates, and i was sad to find out there is no productions products available. Looks like i will be doing the intake grate mod very soon.

    Anyway just wanted to check in, im coming from a 1990 yamaha 650 waverunner III so it should be a nice upgrade.

    Feel free to give me any heads up or something you suggest i do, hopefully ill be able to get out on the water in the next week or so.

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    Be sure to read the forums on here and pwctoday on how to repair and maintain your Honda. With the right care they are lasting well over 1000 hours.

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    h20xtreme make some ride plates

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