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Thread: Wear rings??

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    Wear rings??

    Hi guys I just picked up a 2001 gpr1200, Im new to the forum and I was hoping someone could help me with my hole shot problem. When I give full throttle it seems to over rev for a few seconds with very little pickup until it finally feels like it engages fully then it flys. The guy at the shop says it could be the wear rings are causing cavitation, but will that restrict the pick up like that or is it something more serious? And if it is that, is it an easy fix or would I need a shop to do it?? He wants 600$
    Also in search of an instrument panel if anyone knows where I could find one.

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    Usually its the prop. If the wear ring starts going it will lock up the prop or you would hear rubbing of the prop while on the trailer. Either way you can change if yourself. Props are around 200 and change, a good wearing is 250. Still way below 600 if you replace them both!!

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    Have you sealed your pump shoe yet? That will greatly reduce cavitation.

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    Is there any truth that the aftermarket wearring will reduce performance a little? And where would I find a good aftermarket wearring and prop?
    I havent sealed the pump yet, what kind of marine seal should I use?

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    Check your impellor clearance with the wear ring using a flashlight. See that it's uniform. Check impellor while you're at it for nicks and such. Look in classifieds here for a Solas Concord 13/19 & wear ring if needed.
    Allot yourself an hour or so and do a search for "cavitation". You will learn a great deal.

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