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    twin seadoo 110 hp engines are flooding out at quarter throttle

    I have a 98' speedster that has the 110hp engines. At quarter throttle they are flooding out. I have to feather the throttles back and forth to get them to have full throttle capability. Three quarter to full throttle are always fine. Ive read that the lowere screws are to be app. 1 1/2 turns out and the high end srews are pretty much zero. I have palyed with the lower end screws (1 to 2) turns out hoping that would fix the problem, or at least help, but no luck! It just seems so funny that they are both having the same issue at a quarter throttle. If it sits more than 5 to 10 minutes, it starts all over again. Any ideas that might help me out would be greatly appr. I have my summer vacation less than two weeks away so im in desperate need!! thanks

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    unfortunately these problems take time imo,the low speed screws are for"idle tuning only" so no adjustment there,you have the grey lines still? if so change them! Had the carbs cleaned ? pop off checked too,are you forced to use Ethanol based fuel? if so you need to know it takes more fuel to run now,you may need to bump your your low and high jets up a couple numbers to acheive this, Take a look at your plugs, tan color=lean chocolate color electrode with wet oil on the threads is perfect.

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    Ive always used 92 octane fuel, engines/carbs have never been touched (at least since i bought it two years ago). perfect compression. have always ran good... Ill replace the grey lines (after i look and see what they are. lol) I did take it to a shop and they only had time to check screws and popoff..What controls the lower throttle if the low end screw is for idle? Is there nothing that you can adjust for the lower throttle?

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    oh ya, the plugs are pretty much dark brown/black, definitely rich...

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    Change the fuel lines and get those carbs cleaned....oh and if someone checked the "popoff " pressure then they had the carbs apart and should have cleaned them then.

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