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    2005 seadoo 3d 782 exhaust!!!

    got Bord today and decided to do some diggen around on my ski i haven't seen a post of this yet (although im sure there is) but anyways pulled of my cover that allows access into the exhaust/ rear area of the ski to find this mess ...
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    dont mind the parts i have already taken off i was getting ahead of myself an the camera so onto the next part removal of it all unscrew the hose clamps on just about everything you can see except the one on the inside of the water box were the exhaust enters it.

    step 2 unstrap silencers/bafles/crap tube things... ones u have those unstrapped you will need to pull the baffles out be careful and take your time don't break anything or damage anything its a tight fit to get them out

    step 3 repeat step 2 with lower baffle this one was harder for me cause u have to get it off the exhaust boot and even less room

    step 4 set water box outlet hose plus coupler and the longer baffle hose

    step 5 right now is a good time to pull that long hose that goes way up by the fuel tank careful there are 2 zip ties holding it in place be sure to cut them before you pull on that hose.

    step 6 now is a great time to check for any damage leaks bad hoses or to even clean out the hull a little bit but after that

    step 7 time to connect those water box outlet hose and longer baffle hose together and then onto the exhaust port on the ski itself tighten everything up go over it one more time it should look like this when done ... test ski first before you button everything up to make sure its done properly!!! you should be good to go

    picture 1 is it connected with the coupler and to the exhaust port in the back of the ski.
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    picture 2 is it connected to the water box and together

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    sorry for lack off pictures got ahead of the camera again ha

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    Any notice in performance or sound ??

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    yeah its made a very noticeable different in power and in exhaust sound! sounds much deeper and sounds mean!

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    I would be very careful with modifying the exhaust on an RFI. The fuel injection system does not monitor the A/F ratio, and can run lean. There is no way to richen up the fuel mixture.

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    thnx for the heads up. so far its been running great for the past year almost and plugs look good

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    Hi - was there any specific reason for carrying out this Mod or simply a 'tidy up"? I ask because this may actually solve a problem I have with my 3D & the T joint which this simply bypasses!

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