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    ride plate angle, help needed urgently!

    hey all, im hoping to bolt on my ride plate tomorrow but need some help, basically ive had to use spacers to lower the pump shoe down to make the shoe line up better with the transom plate, if i dont use any spacers the shoe sits way to high up and dosent line up at all, so ive dropped the shoe down to line up the inside but the outside of the shoe sits slightly proud below the ski but i think it should work well to lift the rear and plane well. but now that i need to bolt on the r.plate it will have to also be spaced down to line up with the shoe, im not using a pump seal kit im just using sikaflex, but have read a few posts that people put a bit of angle on the r.plate, i just need to know how much angle is the best to run and also will there be a problem with the ride plate and shoe sitting down a bit, its not heaps but it does stick down somebody let me know whats the best way to go cheers

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    Josh If I'm understanding you right, the pump shoe isn't lining up inside the tunnel? Thats where you need to start. You want your shoe fitting up and tight against the hull as possible with out any shims. It should then be pretty flush with the bottom of the transom plate. If there is a lip inside the tunnel, you can take a flapper wheel on a grinder or a drill and blend them together. If the ride plate sits higher ( tighter to the hull ) thats fine, it sets farther back and wont create drag.
    Hope that helps.

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    yes well i thought about just cleaning it up with a flapper disc or a dremel buts it not just the bottom, the best way to describe it is if i push the shoe all the way up hard against the hull, the gap is so big the shoe goes to far up, i can see the the part of the shoe where the pump plug kit should sit! its almost as if the the transom plate needs to be lifted up more but its right the way up already :/ also the "curve" of the shoe isnt right either so if the shoe is dropped down too much then the two edges of the shoe will sit to far into the transom plate, its hard to explain without photos but i really dont want to remove the shoe as ive already bolted it up with sixaflex and its the only way it will go on without interrupting the water flow thru the jet. im just trying to get the rideplate setup as best i can to suit the shoe.

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    If they are out of alignment by that much, you've got somthing wrong going on. Are the shoe and T/P both original? Has the T/P ever been removed? ( mabey wasn't reinstalled correctly ) There shouldn't be that big of a variation between the two. Shimming your shoe is just asking for trouble IMO. You dont want any gaps under it. Thats alot of pressure running thru the tunnel and you want that shoe tight to the hull. It sounds like the problem is the T/P is sitting too low. Your next step is to figure out why.

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    By doing that you are increasing the amount of water that goes into your pump tunnel. The pump tunnel is already oversized. There is a potential for you to "overstuff" your pump whe you decellerate. This can cause your hull to make a sharp turn to the right and you doing some serious face planting.

    Read up on shoe installation, and you will see with the pictures posted that they show exactly what you are describing. This is the way it is supposed to look like. You want to shrink your tunnel size, not increase it. Sucking your shoe up to the hull will do just that.

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    ok well i had a quick look and couldnt find anything helpful, if somebody can give me a list of what i need to know about setting up the shoe so i can do it tonight. cheers

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