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    97 Polaris Hurricane off a cylinder ... help

    Hi Fellas

    I've got a Polaris Hurricane 700 twin that goes onto one cylinder after a few minutes of running.

    I've had the carbs cleaned and the fuel lines and pressures checked
    Replaced the plugs ,renewed the battery.
    I've started to look at the ignition system, it is the original Gen 1/2 system as far as i can determine.
    I've checked the ignition coil with an ohm meter and it seems to check ok (with the info downloaded from this forum)
    I've checked the alternator coil wires continuity ok

    the exciter coils black to grey seems ok at 85 ohms,
    but black to purple i can't seem to get a reading?.. could this be the fault?

    How can i test the CDI unit?

    if this exciter coil is the fault, is it an engine out job to repair?
    also where could i source new or secondhand parts?

    finally what does the ignition upgrade kit consist of?

    many thanks Tim

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    Do we know for sure this is a spark problem?

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    Detail regarding the ignition update kit via my signature links, in the red domestic engine section.

    Update kit includes new CDI, new stator, and for the two cylinder engines a new ignition coil.

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    re-" off a cyl reply"

    Quote Originally Posted by crustbuster View Post
    Do we know for sure this is a spark problem?
    Hi... Having cleaned the carbs, checked the jets,floats etc, checked the base gaskets, checked the fuel lines, pump operation and pressure, naturally led me towards plugs, leads and then electronics.....Why what have you got in mind?...i'm open to ideas..and not too proud to admit if i've missed something obvious.

    cheers Tim

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