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    Cool XP Limited D-Day

    Well, My 98 XP Limited 951 rebuild is complete and installed. PITA! A couple questions before starting her up. When installing the head pipe, a bit of loctite seaped out at the flange and onto the gasket while I was screwing down the three hex this ok? Second, How critical is loctite on the carb bolts? I didn't apply any, but made sure they were tight. I converted to premix and getting ready for the break in process now. I have heard of two different ways to break it in and not sure which to use.

    Using mineral oil both ways-32:1 premix

    The first process I read is to ride in half hour increments giving 20% throttle, then 50%, then 90% - varying the throttle at all times and letting ski cool down completely between sessions.

    The second way I heard was to do heat cycles- 10x 1 minute without hose-very low idle and rich fuel mixture, giving atleast 45 minutes of cool down between cycles, then 1 or 2 10 minute cycles on the hose, and then 2 more 20 minute cycles in the water(one at trailer and one riding)

    The second one seems sketchy..any thoughts? I also read somewhere deep in the forums that if you premix it's ok to use synthetic for the break in/oil bath but if injecting then use mineral.

    Any advice, questions, concerns would be greatly appreciated. I put A LOT of time, effort and money into this build and I want to make sure it runs the way it should.

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    I just coated the piston, walls and rings with mineral oil. Took it out and was pulling tubers within 1/2 hour. 112 hours later, compression is still 145 and max RPMS is 6,840.

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    Launched it Saturday..things went pretty smooth. I had a little to much tension in the throttle cable which gave a high idle..Backed that off and adjusted idle screw and its all good. Sometimes when getting on plane, the boat will hesitate a little. I am pumping the throttle a bit for the break in, but I'm not sure if it's rich or lean down low. I was also low a fuel..maybe the baffle was in and out of gas and was leaning out that way? Any thoughts?

    Also happens mostly after extended idling (warm up and no wake zones)

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    Where are all the gurus? Bump

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    If you are using mineral 2 stroke oil on a 951 motor I don't think it getting the proper lube. You should be using something with higher protection. Just my thoughts.

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    That was for the break in period only. I ended up using synthetic anyway. Any thoughts on the issues down low?

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    Carbs are in sink. maybe ones not opening at the sometime. Making it stall a bit. When you rebuilt it were the reeds gaping off the cage a little or were they nice and tight on the reed cage. That may be doing it too. Or it might be something Else.

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    The reeds made a nice seal. Carbon-tech SS. I did bring out the low speed 1/4 turn from factory. It was just about to run away on the trailer so I fattened it a little. I think it may be loading up after extended idle.

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