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    Think Im gonna jump to a 300

    After much thought, I think Im gonna jump over to the 300x. Im really impressed with it, so if anyone knows anybody looking for a great ski, mines up over on the classified forum.

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    Probably better for ocean riding, but your poetential top speed will be greatly reduced. They are awesome skis still.

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    I would keep your Yamaha as a backup boat you are going to need it. lol good luck with the sale. Have you atleast tride one yet. I have not my self but even my seadoo still doesnt ride like my FZ it would be pretty hard for me to get rid of my FZ I hope there would be no regrets on your part. I Have had nothing but great experiences with all my Yamahas, even my boat. I cant say that for my old kawasakis. But you are right we are hearing good things from the 300. just ask no more

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