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    pondering about 06 or 07 skis

    since seadoo wants to keep their skis under 70 they could do what Honda Kawasaki, Suzuki, etc. do with their crotch rockets and use a chip to slow it down then once you take the chip out u have a whole new animal they could put a bigger impeller and bigger nozzle/pump and all the other goodies that its lacking is this a good idea or no

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    What R&D nozzle do you have on your RXT and did it help any?

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    The skis that are available today have some of the speed governors already built into them. The goal of all the PWC manufacturers will be to make their stock skis "quick"(0-60+) but not "fast" as in over 70mph. The "fast" part will be up to the aftermarket shops and the owners themselves, just as it is today.

    I doubt if you will ever see a stock production model ski be designed to do 70mph or above straight out of the box. A ski with 2 gallons of fuel and a 90 pound rider, might get over 70, but it will be the exception, not the rule.


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    the only other three seater ive ridin is the 03 limited and this handles better idk if its the nozzle or what and i bought it from the dealer with this so they did the break-in and everything and i got a killer deal on it too but yeah seems to handle better but i have only riddin an 03 not a stock rxt

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