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    The VXR/VXS seems to pick up speed with use...

    I have had my ski a month now. I haven't had as much time to ride as I would like, but I just hit the 25hr mark, and changed my oil and filter for the second time. Oil looked new, so it probably wasn't needed. I figured since you only get 3/4 of the oil out with each change t hat it would be worthwhile. Plugs looked clean, so they were left in.

    All runs close to half tank (2-4bars)

    At 10 hours, Speedo would hit 71, GPS said 66.1-66.4.

    At 15-20, not sure of exact hours, will have to pull out my log, speedo=71-73, Gps 68.5-68.9.

    at 25 hours, run after run, speedo 75-76, GPS 69.2-69.8.

    One run, last of day with low fuel buzzer just coming on, 70.1.

    it seems once a few hours are under its belt, the engine picks up a bit.

    I dont have a reliable, objective means to test accelaration, but It keeps up with the only other VXR around, and almost 2 mph faster on the top end. The other sled has trhe ribbon delete and aftermarket intake, but has only 11-12hrs. This may explain why it is a bit slower on the top end.

    Also, more weight seems to help, as I am able to coax a bit more speed out of each machine that the other rider who is about 175lb.

    Moral of the story, run your VXR/VXS, they seem to like it.

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    that would indicate that the rings are properly seated at around 20-25h of run time. This is good to know!.

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    Yup, my FZR (and many others on the board) noticed some pickup in speed around the 10-15hr time frame. It's probably attributed to riders getting more skilled on the machine and a broken in engine.

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    Great info!!! I need to put 10 more hours on mine

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    Thanks for this! I got my ski at only 3.2 hours now and I only gps at 62. Im going to run it hard till 10 hours and see what I can come up with.

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    After 1 hour Run it like you Stole it !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oi812 View Post
    After 1 hour Run it like you Stole it !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oi812 View Post
    After 1 hour Run it like you Stole it !!!
    same here.

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    I did the full 10 hr break in. Allowing the engine to heat cycle between runs, no WOT. From 10-15 hrs we rode I harder, with bursts of fulll speed, but non continous.

    I now have 130 hrs plus on it, and have run it quite hard in both rough and calm. It still runs 69+mph, is still bone stock, and has yet to burn even an ounce of oil. 3 oil changes with no drop in level at all.

    I too have heard of the motorman, ride it like you stole it break in, and apparently people do it and love it.

    It will interesting to see their compression an oil consumption 100 hrs from now.

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