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    New to me Yamaha 1200 XTL

    Been looking for a month for a "deal" on a ski and ended up buying one last night. It's an 01 XLT1200- the ski is all stock, but I rode it and did a compression check- she rides great and all 3 cyls were at 115lbs. The reason I decided on this ski was price ($3400 w/ trailer) and condition- the thing looks brand new. It's got 80hrs, but 1 owner and always garaged.

    So I've been reading a bunch and have ordered a oil pump block off kit, powervalve clip kit, new plugs, and a wizzy seat cover. eems like those are the things needed for reliability. As of now, I don't care if it's the fastest ski on the lake or has the best hole shot- just want a ski that starts and runs.

    That said, I know my brother in law will hop on the thing and start trying to spin it, jump it, etc. He is very rough on things in general. What is abuse for these things? Is it ok to spin/ jump/ ride wide open all the time?

    Am I missing a reliability mod? I did read about deleting the cat with a d-ring (?) but also read it won't hurt the ski if it fails so I figured I'd just wait until it did.

    Any tips or suggestions would be more than welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum and Congrats on the new ski. The XLT is a good all around ski. Your brother in law wont hurt it at all ( unless he runs into a dock) If the cat converter is working, I'd leave it alone. The two things I would buy is an intake grate and a ride plate ( I used R&D for both) those will help a lot with the ride and handling of your ski. There are a bunch of after market mods you could do, but If your just looking for a fun recreational ski with reliability, thats a good start.
    Have fun and enjoy!

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    Definitely get your ride plate & intake grate upgraded. If you totally let off the throttle from wide open the ski will jerk violently to the right and you will be thrown off. It may even hurt depending on how old you are!

    The problem with the oil injection is with the lines coming off, not the pump failing. If you don't want to go premix just get some good stainless steel clamps and replace all the zip ties.

    Search, search, search. All the GP1200R motor stuff applies to the XLT as well.

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