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    How to make Ultra 150 triple Pisser?

    I've done the skiworx kit on one machine, now I need another setup. I'm not even going to try to get in touch with them, as it's just too much headache. If I knew I could call right now, have someone answer, pay, and know they were being shipped tomorrow - it would be a no brainer.

    I swore somewhere on here I read what type of threads the stock heads are, and where to source the fittings. I just can't find it right now.

    In searching, I read a lot about the stock restrictions in the pissers. Summary - the #1 cylinder is restricted at the cylinder head fitting. The #2 and #3 are restricted at the thru-hulls under the rear deck. Therefore - all 3 are the same 'size' when this is all factored in.

    Restrictions are to keep water from flowing too easily out of cylinders, I guess to keep some water in other parts of the engine - specifically exhaust manifold and then out that way. No restriction would prohibit that.

    I can tell you that the 3 fittings I got from Skiworx were all the same size, and were the wrong thread too btw, but I made them work.

    Just wondering if the above summary is correct, and that all 3 fittings should correctly be the same size.

    Has anyone sourced them?

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    My local hardware store or home depot carries the straight barb fittings, they will need to be modified to work but they will work. I took one of the original fittings with me and matched the thread on one end and inside diameter of the cooling line on the other end of the fitting (I didnt reuse the small hose that went to the front of the ski, I used the bigger ones). Once I got the fiitings home I realized the holes in the new fittings were bigger, and we know that with the stock pipe that wont work because it will over heat. SO I filled the fittings in with plumbers solder and redrilled the holes to match the factory fittings. If your not confident that the soldier will hold, maybe have someone do it for you, pretty simple and the straight fittings are much easier to work with. I got the thru hull fittings from my buddys shop but Ive seen them on atlantic jet sports web site

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    I didn't know that 2 & 3 were restricted in the back. I used the factory elbows and re-routed them to the front. No problems after a couple years like that.

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