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    Question De-burring inside of a GPR jet pump

    Has anyone done this? (smoothing out the casting shapes around the vanes). I have looked about for info without luck if its good for water flow or if the shaped steps are there for a reason


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    I would search again for that info. Its been discussed in great detail and has never shown any speed gains. Search for the terms "pump blueprinting" and I bet you'll see results. I have heard of an early racer who went looking for gains by blueprinting his pump and was never able to verify a top speed gain. His finding was a minor increase in hookup (which really is hard to measure) and no mph gain. He went as far as having his pump "extrude honed" to increase flow. There is scientific reasoning as to why this is, but it would be easier to do your own research using the new search terms than to reprint it all here.


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    The water flows smoother in a blueprinted pump. Better flow is naturally equated with a higher speed, but I never saw it. What I did notice is a better hook up in rough water. The only way that you can tell this is to ride top speed with someone before and after the clean up work.

    Not much gain for a heck of a lot of work. That's my perspective.

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    Thanks for the replies I shall search "pump blueprinting" and have a study I wasnt specifically looking for top speed gains, but if there was any reasonable efficiency gains to be made at the bottom end I'd probably look into this

    Thanks again


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