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    2001 XL 800 electrical issue?

    I recent half sunk my ski, forgot to put the plugs in. Water got into the engine and I ended up frying the starter solenoid. I got all the water out of the engine and replaced the solenoid and replaced the battery. Charged it up, hooked everything up and she started just fine. Waited to hours and started her up again (in the garage). Everything seemed to check out.

    2 days later I went to take it out and tried to start it in the garage. It tried to crank once, really weak, then nothing. Hooked up my charger and got about a 2-3 inch spark off the positive terminal and the needle on my charger when off the scale. Disconnected immediately. I pulled the ECU (I think thatís what it is) apart to double check the starter solenoid. It was hooked up right and not grounding out anywhere, so I touched the 2 terminals on the solenoid together to bypass it and got nothing. So I check the battery. The batter was too hot to even touch. I disconnected everything.

    I went and got a new battery, put acid in it and hooked it up. As soon as I touched the positive terminal to the battery the engine cranked, didnít start but cranked. So I pulled the fuse out and tried again. It still cranked. No idea why.

    Can anyone shed some light, Iím stumped.

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    I have a full XLT800 electrical box with spare CDI for sale for 150 shipped.
    PM me if you want it. It is in MINT condition!!!

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