Hey guys, went out to the lake with the boat yesterday (22ft seaswirl) got bit by the bug after my buddy let me ride an old 90's seadoo. I've tried searching for answers to the questions I have, but so many seem to be opinion based. Not that thats bad in any way, but it makes it hard to see full facts haha. The used prices are pretty good with trailer here in the Seattle area, although I won't be ready to consider purchasing till next season. After a ton of research I keep seeing the r12x, the gp1300r. The rxp and the fxsho. I really like the things I have read about yamaha reliability, I love the looks and reviews of the Honda, although I have read that porpoising is a problem. And it seems every post on the rxp reliability is either awesome or crap. Any insight in to how these skis handle lake water? I expect some chop from the boats and wind etc nothing crazy though. I really like the 2 seat size. I'd rather not spend more then 6.5 but if I save a bit more I guess 8 wouldn't be to bad. Again couldn't realistically purchase till next season as I leave for boot camp on the 26 of July. Thanks In advance and sorry for the long rambling post with the same question thats probably been asked a million times.