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    Step Ladder install on FZR

    Hello all,

    Just got a step ladder kit for the FZR. But the ladder did not come with any instructions and I can't find anything online on how to mount the ladder.

    I see where to drill the holes but not sure how to access the backside to mount the brackets. I looked under the seat but doesn't look like I can reach.

    Thank you all I love the forum

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    I assume you mean the Yamaha step that comes on many of their models. If so, take off the rear seat assembly. Its 5 hex bolts and 2 torx bolts on the metal piece (use small vice grips for these). This will allow you to reach back there no problem. You may need to remove the stock exhaust, but I'm not sure since I have the Riva FF exhaust on my ski. Its just a few hose clamps and you don't need to remove the outlet piece at the bottom.

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    Sweet thank you

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