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    SANK after wear ring replacement!

    Put ski in water. Maybe a minute or so later it seemed a little low, but I didn't think much of it til I stepped on and it went down fast. I looked under the seat and water was up to the supercharger hose. I kinda panicked and took off fast hoping the siphon would help. Dad got the trailer in the mean time. Took 10 min to drain the water out. Let me stress how FAST this thing must've taken water in.

    We inspected- saw nothing obvious internally. I think I pushed up on that hose that's directly over the pump( the white plastic piece the hose attaches to can slide up or down a lil).

    Backed trailer in slowly while dad looked inside hull.. Nothing. Kept going , no leaks. Cut engine on for a minute, no leakage. We let it sit in the water and it didn't leak again.

    Drove around and did some wakeboard with no probs since. Holeshot was amazing w the new wear ring.I'm just wondering if someone has a good explanation, bc I'll be paranoid from now on. Bilge pump will be ordered ASAP .

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    When replacing the wear ring did you provide a support for the driveshaft when the pump was out?

    On the next launching, have the seat off and keep the ski on the trailer, in the water and watch for water leakage into the hull.

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    Yes, I held the shaft through the grate while the pump was pulled off.

    We also had it supported and centered while pump was in freezer

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