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    02 Virage TXi fuel pump removal

    I'm new to this Forum, and to Polaris PWC's. I've read a lot here, and learned all sorts of stuff, thanks. I bought this PWC with a bad fuel pump. I removed it tonight, what a PITA. The regulator, was in the bottom of the pump assy. I bought a pump assy from a forum member here, thanks. It's supposed to be here tomorrow!! I will install this one. The person I bought the pwc from had installed an in-line Kawasaki regulator, and it didn't fix the problem (couldn't maintain the fuel pressure). I have a two part question.

    1: I plan on fixing the regulator as shown on this site. Do I keep this as a spare, or pitch it?

    2: Is there a way to test the pump assy out of the pwc?

    I plan on having this together and on the water for a test ride either Fri or Sat. I'm looking forward to riding this, as all I have now, is a 97 Tigershark Montego. Should be a huge upgrade. Wish me luck, and hope this is indeed the problem. I have a 4 day weekend, so if this works, I will be putting lots of hours on this. My mother-in-law has a house on a lake chain system. I can get to seven different lakes without ever leaving the water!!! Here's a pic of my newest toy!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    If the pump was bad it was probably the reason it wouldnt maintain fuel pressure and not the kawasaki regulator. Both brand skis use virtually identical injection setups and run at same pressure. I have 2 TXI skis that have both been changed over to the kawasaki regulators and they both run fine and maintain proper fuel pressure.

    It should be simple enough to bench test the pump assembly. You could submerse it in some fuel, plumb the output line through a pressure guage and back to the return and then hook power to it and read your fuel pressure.

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    Do not use both the Kawasaki regulator and the internal Polaris regulator. One or the other

    Since you already have the Kawasaki pressure regulator, I would suggest you just keep it and omit the internal Polaris piece on the replacement fuel pump.

    Be very careful testing the fuel pump outside the tank. Gasoline and electric sparks are a dangerous combination.

    Do not test with water, as the pleated filter at the bottom of the pump rejects water. And the pump itself may not be compatible with water.

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    I have the 02 virage TXI. I completely lost fule pressure last year and took the pump out. I've not had a way to test the fuel pump out of the fuel tank. do you have a pic of how to hook it up and test out of the machine? what else should I be looking for with this no pressure issue? is it typcially the fuel pump?

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