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    Questions for Anyone Using Seadoo Pump on FZR/S

    I can't get my speeds much higher than 80 with the seadoo pump. I have hit 81 once. On the stock pump I hit 83+ and that was before a lot of mods went on. Looking at my log, everything looks great but no matter what I try I end up right around 80. Its starting to piss me off lol. If anyone has some pointers on things I can look at I would appreciate it. I also still have cavitation out of the hole. This was the main reason to get the seadoo pump. I may go back to the stock pump if I can't figure anything out, but that would require me to purchase a few pieces cause I sold some parts. Help a brother out to find this speed Im missing.

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    got a seadoo pump on my ski and i can tell you that it's not the pump holding you back have gone past 80 a long time ago with ease...

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    petros the plumber . Are you running a 4 or 3 blade prop ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R rated View Post
    petros the plumber . Are you running a 4 or 3 blade prop ?
    Hi Rudy
    What about a wedge?
    yami nozzles are at a 5° upwards angle. I also see he has a plate machined by Jim. They are also machined to work with the 5° nozzle. I'm willing to bet you a beer if you put a wedge or machine the SD nozzle to 5° you will pick up a couple mph

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    Have you talked to Dan about your pump setup?

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    4 Blade it the way to go. Anything else I cant help you with. I have the setup sitting in my garage.

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