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    Impeller housing install

    So im told that my cavitation problem is due to my wear rings and impeller gone bad. Is it a fairly easy DIY job to change the impeller housing or should I let a professional handle it?? And if so, does anyone know of some online links on how to do it with diagrams?

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    the ride plate
    steering and trim cables
    visibility spout and bilge siphon hoses
    4 bolts in the exit nozzle
    pry on both sides at the tabs to remove the exit nozzle
    pry on both sides tabs to remove the pump
    5 bolts that secure the wear ring
    pry on both sides between the transom plate and wear ring to remove
    clean mating surfaces
    reverse procedure to re-assemble

    apply sealant to the round mating surfaces for transom to wear ring, wear ring to pump, and pump to exit nozzle
    use anti-sieze on bolts
    torque bolts to specs (M10bolts to 30ft lbs, M6 bolts to 10ft lbs)

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    Thanks for your help!

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