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Thread: testing MSX150!

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    testing MSX150!

    So got rid of the waveVenture in search of newer, faster ski

    Found a 2004 MSX150 40 hrs on it for $3000

    I am going to test it soon before purchase. I have read to test/observe the following:

    1)Make sure it revs about 7300 RPM in the water
    2)Check oil level on cold engine (should be lower level of stick)
    3)check free movement of turbo wastegate

    I have already checked the engine coolant, it is nice and pink. Is there anything else I should check for when test riding? Any other common issues?

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    Make sure the oil is clean with no signs of milky water contamination.

    Check compression.

    If you buy it, I recommend you budget for Desperado's ECU flash upgrade. And seriously consider the turbo upgrade...

    The ECU upgrade will improve engine longevity and fuel economy, with a modest power boost as a side benefit. The turbo upgrade gets you a better turbo that runs cooler for the same power output level, and more engine power at the top end.

    You can find more info through my signature links, although I suspect you already know about that.

    Also plan to rebuild the through-hull bearing carrier.

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    K447, what is this issue with the through-hull bearing at 40 hours?

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