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    Fouling Spark plugs!! 1999 polaris SLH 700

    My jet ski, is fouling out the plugs, I believe it's getting too much oil ( better than not enough, lol!)

    My questions are that dial on side of each carb, is that my adjustments?

    Also what is correct gap for the plugs? Mine are currently set at .35 Which when I bought new plugs is where they were at, so thinking when someone replaced them they did not correctly gap them.

    Please help.

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    Spark plug fouling

    Spark plug gap is normally .028"
    Make sure you have the correct NGK spark plugs installed.

    Be careful adjusting the carb mixture screws. Those adjustments are very sensitive and even a 1/4 turn the wrong way can cause trouble. Use my signature links to learn more about your machine and how to maintain it.

    Does your engine still have the stock oil pump system installed and operational?
    Is the cable between oil pump and throttle correctly positioned so the oil pump arm gets pulled UP when you squeeze the throttle?

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