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    Virage TX bad 1200 swap out for a 1050 ?

    I have a 02 Virage TX with bad 1200. Can I put a 1050 in it out of a 01 Polaris? They both have carbs. Will they use most of the same parts? Was the 1200 just a over bored 1050? Is there a big drop in HP?

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    What went bad on your 1200?
    If im not mistaken the mounting points are the same for the engine plates. I think the cases are the same too.
    I would venture to say you can do the swap buy why?
    You would be better off selling the 1050 (if you have one) and fixing your 1200. No point going backwards.
    Basically we just need to know whats going on.

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    The 1200 has #1 rod through the case sad sight. Could get a used motor nd sell it all or could part it out or could but a 800 or 1050 in it then sell it or use it. Not sure yet. I have a TXi and it is smoothe and I also have a 800 DI that I need a flywheel and stator for at min to get running. I may keep 2 or 3 DI Virages

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    It's effectively the same hull as the SLT which came with a 1050, 780, 750, or it will move it fine....but it won't be a 1200!!

    I think you have to swap the CDI and stator for the 1050, but the wiring will work.....I think the '99 SLX wsa the only 1050 that had the same MAG housing grommet and plug on the stator wires as the later model 1200. Otherwise, you could swap the mag housing too i guess.

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    I just did this and hardwired the mfd from the virage into the electrical box of the 1050 motor. It's not hard to do and the 1050 is a helluva lot cheaper to repair than the 1200.

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