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    need help with some accelerator issues.

    just bought a 96 waveraider 700. previous owner let it sit up (in water) alot and never did alot of maintenance. ski idles good and take off at full throttle is great for about 10 seconds then its starts to miss and bog down. if i back off to about half throttle it evens out. Will a carb kit fix this? i have already replaced the fuel filter, cleaned the tank, changed the plugs and ran a tank of gas mixed with Seafoam through it. If a carb kit is needed how difficult is it to install? This is a great older ski that still has alot of fun in it just needs some tuning i think. any suggestions?

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    I had a 94 raider 700. Man those skis where fun. It sounds to me like a carb issue. Do you know how long its been since they rebuilt it? Probably time for it. That where I would start if its been a while since its last.

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    im actually looking for a kit now. how difficult is that to do?

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