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    Removing pump base (housing) from hull? How?

    I have a 2001 Virage TX, and the upper left pump bolt sheared off flush with the pump housing. I tried to get the remains of the bolt out with standard methods (left hand bits, extractors), but after making some tantalizing progress, I snapped an extractor off in the base.

    So now, I have to remove the pump base from the hull (to try to get at the broken bolt from the other side, or perhaps just replace the pump base). I'm kind of stumped however, as to how to remove the pump base from the hull. The service manual states that I need to remove the 4 nuts inside the hull (done) and simply "pull the pump housing straight out"! I don't see how I can do that, as there is nothing to grab a hold of on the pump base, and even if I could get a hold on it, it would likely require superhuman strength with all the sealant used around the pump base. I was thinking I could maybe fabricate a handle and bolt it to the base, but I still doubt that I could pull it out. Is there some trick or method for this job? Thanks.

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    There are several approaches.

    Is the ride plate still installed? That makes it harder to work in there.

    Have you removed the hoses that attach inside the hull to the pump base?

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    Hoses are removed. Ride plate is still on, but I could certainly remove it. I was hoping to avoid removing it, as I recall the stocker was a real pain to get off. The current plate is a Hot Seat Performance plate.

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    Well, I made a handle and bolted it to the pump base. Still could not get it to move at all. If I do remove the ride plate, will that give me a way to break it loose?

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    Get two pieces of 2x4 (wood) approx 3-4 feet long. Insert them in a "T" format. You will have to shave the side of the 2x4 to fit perfectly into the 148mm pump housing. After you make it fit correctly, work the pump housing side to side, using the length of the 2x4 as leverage. It will break the adhesive loose without damaging the inside of the pump housing.


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