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    Should I fix it up or knock it over the head and Part it out? 2000 GTX...

    I bought a 2000 GTX "project." I paid $ 500 (Plus taxes and fees and crap.) The engine has a bent rod and broken cases. The cases should be able to be welded. As you can see there is a hole in the side - easy weld for the most part, but each of the reed ports has small, broken chunks off the ledge that sits right about the crank which also need to be welded. Head is very pitted (detonation?) on the bent rod cylinder. I would rather do the engine build myself, but it is probably more cost effective to buy an SBT since it needs so many parts?

    I can't decide if I should put a $ 1200 engine into it. I am not sure what else is good or bad, the rest of the ski parts look fine, but I know I will have to source a few parts that were robbed or lost off the thing (couple heat sensors, starter relay, lost head bolts, etc...)

    What would cause a bent rod? Could the MPEM be bad and have thrown the timing off? Is there a way to test the MPEM before putting any money into the ski, or are they normally a pretty reliable part?

    The Ski is oxidized on the gunwales, but I think I should be able to wet sand it out. Seat needs to be recovered.

    What do you all think, should I bring it back to life or part it out.

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    Take a hammer and bend that rod back and run it!! lol kidding,.. probable cause could be water injestion. Whats missing? carbs? pipe?...if so you'll be buying those parts along with the motor,Its all personal preference...

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    Near as I can tell all the big expensive parts are there. Carbs, Pipe, Muffler, Driveshaft, pump...The starting relay in the coil box and the sensor on the head is missing for sure. I think there is supposed to be a sensor or 2 in the pipe that is not there. They are certainly parts I can find on ebay. Basically, I don't want to tie too much money in this thing. Since I am doing the work, I want it to be less expensive then buying a running model, yet have a new engine, clean carbs, etc.

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