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    1999 genesis won't start when hot

    To start, I am new here so sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

    As the title says my '99 genesis(carbed) won't start when it is hot. I can get one start in the morning usually then it is done the rest of the day. It runs strong, idles fine, and has no issues when it does start. But if you have to kill it or it dies after the first start it won't crank with the safety lanyard in until the next morning usually or some long length of time. But it will crank all day with the lanyard out which I dont get.

    I have done some of my own research and found that the issue may be my CDI not shutting down when the ski does. But I am not totally sure.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Arrow Bypassing the LR-502 module for testing of no-crank condition when lanyard in place


    I suspect the LR-502 Start/Stop module may have gone bad. On the 1999 Genesis there are two LR modules, the LR-502 for Start/Stop functions and the LR-31 for voltage regulation.

    2000 onwards carb'ed Genesis use a single LR-505 module for all functions.

    You can unplug and bypass the LR-502 module as a test. Same process as for the LR-505 (see my signature links for details) and you must ground the remaining Black/White wire after disconnecting all the LR-502 wires.

    If it now starts and runs with the LR-502 module bypassed, then the module must be replaced. Note that only the lanyard will stop the engine with the module bypassed.

    You can replace the exact 4010240 LR-502 Start/Stop module you have now, or I think you can install the newer LR-505 (4010648 ) and replace both modules.

    The 1999 Genesis carburetor model also has two electrical boxes, one up front and one in the engine compartment. Both LR modules are in the same electrical box, while the CDI ignition module is in the other box.
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    We have replaced that module once, but it only lasted a short while before it started doing it again. I am going to try and replace both with the updated one, any special way to do it? I might try and replace both LR modules too. I seem to recall we only replaced one the last time.

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    How to add service bulletin PWC-00-05 to a 1999 Genesis (carburetors)

    I managed to completely forget about an applicable Polaris service bulletin PWC-00-05.

    Before you change the LR modules, try this.

    Install a new Orange wire (doesn't have to physically be an orange color, but you should think of it as Orange). Route the new 'Orange' wire between the two electrical boxes.

    In the front electrical box connect the new wire to an available Orange terminal. In the rear electrical box, disconnect the Red/Purple wire that comes directly from the CDI module and instead connect it to the new Orange wire.

    What this does is change how the CDI module gets it's power. With this change the CDI module will be completely powered down every time the engine is shut off. See if the engine now starts reliably even when warm.

    There is a known problem with the CDI where sometimes the CDI will think the engine is running when it is not running. The result is that the CDI does not provide spark when it should.

    By cutting power to the CDI when the engine is shut down (which is what the Orange wire does), the CDI can no longer be confused and should start the warm engine reliably.

    Note: The new wire should be 16 AWG gauge or thicker. 18 gauge wire might work, but it is better to use 16 or 14 gauge wire. Stranded flexible wire, of course, not solid/rigid copper wire.

    Find a place to route the new wire through the existing wire seals on each box. Try to maintain the watertightness of the seals with the new wire in place.
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    Heading to the lake tomorrow, gonna try and do that orange wire update.

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