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    Fix or Part it out?

    I got a free - mostly (Title transfer fees and so forth are extra) '95 SLT750. Most of the engine parts are there but also mostly junk, because it was tore half apart and left to fill with rain and rust. The machine has been sitting dead for several years. The biggest issue is the CDI was removed and EVERY wire was cut instead of removed, so it will need new wiring harnesses(or can I solder and shrink tube new connections). Appears as though the MFD does work and showed 146hrs approx.

    I can find donor skis like SL750s pretty easy are fairly cheap around here for about $200-$300 so I can probably get it running again. If I do get it running, I will also have to upgrade the fuel Lines/Pump/Carb build and so forth.

    The Ski is oxidized and chaulky. Spider cracks in various locations, but does not appear to be any structural damage. Currently it is not much to look at. I could probably remove the stickers and do some wet sanding. I also thought about trying my hand at gelcoating and spraying the bottom black IF I were to fix it up.

    What do you all think, should I bring it back to life or part it out.

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    Polarisitis loonatik's Avatar
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    The question is how much time and money are you willing to invest in it?

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    I'd part it out.

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    Up to the amount of it's worth. I have time and I have the money. I don't mind spending a lot of time, I don't like to spend more money than the thing is worth. I like to do this type of work and I have alway like this early Polaris skis. I used to have a '93 650.

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    She likes the bike. But the ski gets her wet!!!! xlint89's Avatar
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    The ski is worth around $1200-1500 basically.

    That's a really good hull IMO. Very playful, yet handles the rougher water quite well VS. the 2 seaters

    What's your location if you do part it?

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    I bought a kawi 750 sts that looked like that. I had big hopes and dreams for it but it got to be to expensive so I parted it. I was a good clean hull like yours too. You can always find someone that needs parts or if you have the room to store it for parts for your self.

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    I like pipes. I love boost Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    My feeling is if you plan to keep the ski for a few years and ride it, so what if you spend a few bucks more than its worth. When its done you know you have a good reliable ski with a newly built motor that should be hassle free for years. That used running ski you buy to replace it could blow up tomorrow and then what do you have? If you are planning to try and fix it to sell it then its probably not worth it. I probably spent about 500 bucks more than my SL 900 is worth rebuilding it, but now I have a ski in nearly new condition that I should be able to ride for years.

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    I like pipes. I love boost Mr. GP1800's Avatar
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    By the way, I have a 750 top end kit in the classified section bored, honed and ready to install with new pistons rings and gaskets for 300 bucks if you are interested. All you would need is a crank to get that motor back in shape.

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    i'd part it out

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