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    Red face 95' sl 750 no spark after extensive work

    I have a 95' sl 750-Fuji, and the electrical box was shorted to the battery. The Black ground wire for the stator was melted, and stator was cooked too. The stator was removed and replaced with a known working one from a 95 sl650std-Fuji. It Ohms out to spec and was healthy. I installed the stator, aligning the mark with the crankcase half. I used the 650 flywheel too. After wiring everything back together...No spark.
    I have a brother ski of the same year, make, and model I've used for reference. It starts and runs.
    Digging deeper, and found the LR module questionable, I replaced it. I checked the coils and they Ohm out to 0.4 max. Compared to the brother ski, they read the same.
    I swapped the CDI boxes between the 2 ski's and the brother ski will start with both boxes. Therefore, my CDI is good.
    I've cleaned and moved the battery ground from the bellypan to the engine block, and the battery has above the 10.6 volts at cranking.
    Ohm-ing out all of the grounds from the electrical box to the negative battery and engine block all read 0.000 Ohms.
    I am at a loss now....mainly the hair from my head. Any Ideas????????

    I have checked for DVA voltage from the stator and trigger coil and all are outputting voltage of around 9 volts and up
    Kill switch circuit is working too.

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    I am not a Fuji engine expert, but I seem to recall there was an important difference between the 650 and 750 stators. Don't recall what model years that difference applied to

    I expect one of the Fuji engine guys will respond shortly. Stay tuned...

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    Well, if you replaced the stator with a 650.

    And the flywheel with the 650

    And the CDI from the 650, it SHOULD run.....

    Are you sure you have all your grounds made INSIDE the elec box?

    Does the elec board look to be in GOOD shape?

    How about a pic of the elec box insides?

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    xlint, you brought up a good point i overlooked. I still have the 750 CDI box in the ski.... D'oh! Ive pulled the electrical panel and all is clean and corrosion free. Ill try the CDI box swap and maybe with finger, toes and eyes crossed it will fire. Ill update and send a picture too.

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    I have installed the 650 CDI box as of today and nothing still.....Ive verfied all of the eletrical connections are in the right place on the panel. Im going to pull the stator out again, as everything in the box has been triple checked.
    Can the MFD cause any isssues with spark? I dint see how as the only wire involved is the yellow RPm wire. The display has been trashed for awhile now,only a red light blinks.
    I did a DVA(Digital Voltage Analyis) and both ski's are really close in voltage reading from the stator.

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    How strong is the battery?

    You can try disconnecting the MFD at the back just to elimiante that as a possibility.

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    Great News!

    I found out today, after pulling the flywheel and almost pulling the stator....The flywheel for from the 650 is NOT compatible with the 750.

    Reason: Look at the reference marks(small metal rises on the outside edge, closest to the motor)on the flywheel for the trigger coil, the 650 marks are incredibly shorter than the 750 by a least 2 inches or more!

    But that wasn't the reason I had no spark, but maybe a future running issue.

    I learned a hard lesson today....check your tools for proper operation.

    My spark tester was bad

    I opened my tester and found the spark was grounding to the engine block while it was laying atop it. The tester I have test up to 8-cyl at one time, its really cool except for this last instance.

    I Thank You for all of your help guys, and I'll be adding more post and info as possible to the Hulk!

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