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    Question 2001 yam. GP 1200 PV will start and run great out of water,but BOGGS in the water!

    2001 GP 1200PV has 135 lbs.compression on all 3 cylinder,is firing great on all 3 and starts and runs great on a flush kit.But as soon as u put it in the water sitten on the trailer it idles good,as soon as u rev the throttle up it boggs down.Tryin to ride it u have to feather the throttle to pic up any speed and then its not reaching top rpm.Out of water it will rev to 8000 rpm and then straight bac to an idle and idle great.No water is in the jet pump,already pulled apart and checked,its dry.Thinking maybe the carbs need new kits and cleaned or maybe takin on water in the cylinders when its completely surmerged in the water.Any help would b great!

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    Things to check:
    D-Plate & Sensor
    Verify the power valves are opening
    Check the fuel flapper on the pick up
    Rebuild carbs

    Just my .02 cents.

    Seemed to do the trick.

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    Thanx for the info man! The owner told me it was bogging down but it's not I rode it and it was cavitation due to ride plate gasket torn off put n new and it runs great. Thanx again

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