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Thread: Tire Size?

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    Tire Size?

    I have a triton elite trailer and I was wondering if I could make a 14 inch wheel and tire fit without rubbing the fenders.

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    Single or double trailer?

    I have ST175/80R13 tires (13 inch rims) on my 2008 Triton Elite double trailer. The tires just clear inside the fenders, no room for anything bigger.

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    Mine is a 2008 single i was hoping to put 14s on but looks like im stuck with finding some 13s.

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    All of the tires for Triton ae made for regular highway use and speeds. Upgrades are more for going to aluminum rims from steel rims. A bigger tire gives you no benefit or advantage other than making the trailer taller. See the Triton webiste for tire options. Like K447 said there is little room left under the fender. The 12" option is actually better in my book than the 13". The 12" is a radial tire and a "E" load range. Overkill but it is a low profile tire that will keep the trailer height shallow and provide same tire performance without question. I personally like this tire, ST145/R12E. Can be ordered with steel or aluminum rims.

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