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    1999 POLARIS 1050 single piston rebuild....

    So last week one of the pistons in my 99' sltx 1050 finally gave out and it wouldnt go over 30mph.My first reaction was the carbs but I rebuilt them a month ago so I checked that off my troubleshooting list.So while at the lake I pulled each spark plug out and checked the psi's and behold one of them was at zero,the other 2 were at 125 psi I brought it home took it apart and the rings had come apart and distroyed the piston....long story short bought one new piston/new rings,gaskets and honed the jug and put it back the psi on the rebuilt one is at 150...but the other 2 are at my question is will anything bad happen if I run it like this???Ive heard mixed reviews......any info will be appreciated....

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    it should be fine. but the 150psi will be your strongest cylinder,as far as it being under more compresion.
    the 150psi will perform better under more psi

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    Rule of thumb is no more than 10% difference. I think it might be wise to at least hone and re-ring the other two and drive an even up that compression.


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    ride it once and see where it seats in at ,you won't hurt it with it being higher
    did you change the head dome by chance ???

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