The story goes like this: After riding for 30 min to an hour the PWC will experience a smooth, sudden drop in power and just as quickly revs back up to full throttle. It happens in the higher throttle range from 1/2 to full throttle. Sofar the engine has not died during one of these episodes, but if seems like it might. It will continue this cycle of loosing and regaining power every 30 or 40 seconds unless i keep it below half throttle.

Ive scoured several forums for answers to this tech question. What I have learned is that the problem is not rare, and not restriceted to my make or model. However, I have not found anyone with a real solution

suggestions that i have seen that dont appear to work are replacing plugs, fuel filters, rebuilding the carb, compression checks, and various others.

Because the problem doesnt seem rare, Im hoping there is someone around who know exactly what this is