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    Ok so I am very new to these, I've been riding atvs and repairing them for myself and others for years, but never even rode a jet ski until I bought this one, problem is I bought it used ran great on the lake the first day about 6 hours of riding, from idle to wide open, no issues at all, the next day I changed the plugs filled it with premium gas and went to the lake rode for around 3 hours it ran perfect, was heading back to the dock and slowed down to wait on a boat, when I gave it gas and eased over the wake it fell on it's face, nothing wrong up to this point. When I got home I checked the plugs they all looked ok, but I changed them again, it was still the same. It will idle and rev to 1/4 throttle then spits and bogs. Thinking this may be a fuel issue I pull the fuel line and it is pumping gas. I then sprayed starter fluid across the carbs as I gave it throttle no change. I check each plug is getting spark. Compression 117, 120, 120. Just like when I bought it? Any ideals keep I mind I know nothing about these.

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    Hard to say for sure, could be a few things that can cause issues like that. Might be as simple as bad gas if it happened right after you filled up. Some models had trouble with the seal on the gas cap, water could leak in and ruin the gas. But if yours is an SLT the gas cap should be a little higher up than right on the nose as with the SL hulls. If it has a water seperator inside the engine compartment, check to make sure no water in the gas.

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    Were the carburetors internally cleaned and rebuilt?

    Fuel lines replaced?

    See my signature links for other recommended maintenance.

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    In just went ahead and took it to the shop I couldn't figure it out I hope they can the guy seemed kinda stumped by it when he was listening to it.

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