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    96' waveraider fires when it wants too

    1996 wave raider deluxe, 700cc i believe in pretty much mint condition with around 50 hrs on it. Ran fine for weeks. rolled it over one day started it got outta the nowake hit it and it died, choked it, it started went halfmile down the lake and back and it quit. figured id foulded a plug so got to the boat and sanded the plug(dont ask y we had sandpaper)ran fine for 20 minutes. puluued it outta the water put plugs in it it started fine and i let it idle for a second not to get it hot..put it back in the water today...jack shit but a blah....blah.....blah.
    pulled plugs out and its only firing about twice per plug and thats more fire while trying to start it.Help??

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    Simple stuff first.

    Did you get any water in your hull?
    Pull the plugs from the cylinders and crank the engine to see if any water blows out of the spark plug holes.
    Get a set of fresh plugs, regap and install.

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