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    Question Question about Converting to premix on 05 GPR, SWEAR I SEARCHED!!!

    Ok guys(maybe a chick or two)I searched alllll over. Here is the situation. My 05 GPR smokes like crazy ever since the end of last season(not fun to ride next to or even on while at idle). I think the oil pump must be messed up or something. I use almost a tank of oil per gas tank i think and my plugs are rather wet and dark when i pull them.

    So I have been searching since last season on how to convert an 05 efi gpr to pre mix. I am just making it too complicated ? I converted my xlt1200... Is it the same idea with oil lines just going to the tb's instead of the carbs? The same kit takes care of this or are there special instructions and things to be done ?

    Please if someone has a link to a thread that will answer this question i would be soooo gracious!!! I swear i have searched for hours for this! I hope im not just that stupid and retarded that its sitting right in front of me!

    Mods are riva stage 3 kit...(gonna be making major changes to that setup soon tho to find speed that was missing last year) Compression is good and even!

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    You go it, same deal!

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    did the oil injection cable come off the spool/lever? if that`s the case it defaults to wide open... or it may be stuck in the fully open position, what did you find?

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    Well, when i woke up this morning i found that i was quite buzzed last night and posted a question on this forum! so i found a bunch of empty beer bottles at the computer with random chicken scratch on what I can only guess would be my drunken plans to mod my ski and demod some things on it!

    So The question was legit! I will have to take a look at the ski but yes the thing started to go crazy on the smoke and burn through oil like water. I will convert just for the sake that i already premix my xlt1200 but I will also look into why the oil pump is acting up and check those things pale thanks!

    Thanks also scittb, i will order the block off kit and convert!

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