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    2004 FXHO ECU/Wiring Harness

    I have an 04 FXHO. The entire e-box was stolen. It wasn't enough to pilfer parts from the ski... the thief cut the wiring harness at the e-box.

    I can get a complete e-box/harness with no ECU from an 05 FXHO. The harness part numbers are different between the two years. Does anybody know if there is any difference in the parts, and, if, so, what the difference is?

    I would also need to find an ECU. The 04 used part #6B6-00; 05 uses 6B6-10; 06-08 uses 6B6-20. Are these interchangeable? If not, do I use the ECU from an 04, or, if I bought an 05 harness, do I use the ECU from an 05? I can't imagine that there is any difference in the engine controls. If there is a difference in the ECU's, I would think it was nothing more than what gets displayed on the gauges.

    Any info on the compatibility of the electronic components for different year skis would be appreciated. If I come up with any answers, I'll post them here.

    Does anybody have for sale any or all of the parts I need to get this thing running (04 harness, 04 ECU or other year e-box/harness)?
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