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    need help low compression and what parts needed to fix

    hi im a newbie here me and my sisters boyfriend just bought few jetskis and one wasnt running its a 97 zxi 750 and i just rebuilt the carb. got it started fine on land then put it in water it had hard time staying running in water but stayed on throttle and took it out, ran nice for 10 min then died wouldnt even turn over like battery is dead. maybe need new battery but jumped it would not start it wanted to but wouldnt . did compression test 1 cyl read 75 other read 40 . my buddy said just get new rings and crank seals and good to go.

    what is stock compression on these
    would this cause it not to start i know it would run crappy if it did start
    will new rings and crank seal fix it any thing else needed to be mint
    any body know exact oem part number for rings and crank seals needed

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    Don't know if you need crank seals, but it sounds like you definitely need pistons & rings. Compression will vary with elevation, but will typically be 120+ on that engine. Very low compression can keep it from starting. It's very likely that the lower reading cylinder has damage (broken piston, scoring, etc.) that is keeping the starter from turning it over. Don't continue to try to run it, as you'll only do more damage. Pull the head and see what you've got.

    Look at the spark plugs. If they're white, it was way too lean (hot) and you probably have a messed up carburetor. Also, inspect the oil lines to make sure they haven' come loose or split.

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