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    Draining gas out of GTX 03 and RXP 04

    I have an RXP and a GTX with gas thats been sitting for about 1 1/2, I've tried to siphon it out with no luck so I was curious what do you think is the best option? Find a way to drain it or fill it up and just let it ride? The tanks are 1/2 full so they could be topped off with 94 octane and hope for the best or should I figure out the way to get the old gas out?

    Thanks for any help

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    You could add 93 and a bottle of marine sta-bil. Or you can use an oil extractor to pull it out. Does it start?

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    You need to get all the old gas out. Buy a small hand pump, they sell them at Autozone, O"Reilly's and the like. On an RXP, it is easy to get the filler hose off to get the siphon tube in the tank directly. On my 05 RXT, it was really hard to get at the filler tube junction, so I simply just used the hard plastic tube that came with my oil vacuum pump, and worked it right down the filler tube.

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    I would get most of it out. Then put about 5 gal back into it mixing it up and then try to get it all out again. Then your tank will be good to go and the last 5 gal that came out run it threw a Mr funnel and then put it in your car.

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