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    FX SHO SuperCharger Clutch reccommendations

    It appears I have blown the SC clutch on my '08 SHO. It has 300 hours. I'm not sure how long the clutch should last. I'd think longer than that.

    I've seen some after-market clutches. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, what might I want to change or tweak while I'm in there without getting carried away?


    Tom F

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    My Recomendations are new supercharger clutch assy. The idler gear that runs between the crank and the s/c clutch ( The bearing/bushing has been upgraded since 2008 in the idler gear), A R&D super clutch shaft assy. This should take care of you for many hours to come. Congradulation on making 300 hours on the original one. If you want a little more kick and can afford the $ install a C-1 s/c wheel for more boost and you can still use 87 octain gas. How ever you will need to re pitch your prop a little if you upgrade to the C-1. Tommy Jordan

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