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    2003 Genesis i wont pass 2500 RPMS Help

    Hi everyone: Iím running out of options I need some help with this.
    I live in Virginia
    2003 Polaris Genesis i
    41 hours on the ski
    Not corrosion noted
    Hull is good condition
    Paid $1000
    The ski starts normal and idle good. When I throttled does not pass 2500 RPM.
    So far I have troubleshot.
    First thing I did check if it was any codes using LED tool. Two codes were found 41 and 43 water temp malfunction etc. (code 43 itís a hard code itís activating SLOW). OK. Replaced the water temp sensor and try to reset EMM with throttle and jumper method without any luck. I send the EMM to DFI technology, they checked for me, reset it and tested and was good. I installed aging and still having the same problem that wonít pass 2500 rpms but know it is not codes in the EMM. I tested all the wiring in the harness for continuity and it was good. Remove all the old fuel put a fresh one, verify the voltage in the injectors when cranking to have more than 20 V and was good and when running had 44.5 V. I checked the ground of the battery to the block and the coils as well and was good, the pass owner replaced the TPS with a new one, I checked the compression and it was 120 PSI all three piston, i check for crank index and it had 120 degrees apart, check the stator winding ohms was reading within the parameters. I check the capacitor tested ok.
    The only thing I found was the CPS measurement in ohms was 500 ohms and the manual specified for 200 ohms maximum. It is on order as well as the spark plugs; I should be getting them this week.
    Please help

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    The new CPS and correct spark plugs may fix the problem.

    If not, report back and we can go from there.

    Did you inspect the flywheel for signs of magnet debris?
    Is the old CPS sensor dinged up on the bottom?

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    Thanks K447 for the quick respond.
    I removed the flywheel and stator and inspected it for loose magnets and was good not signs of damage or anything like that the CPS looks good on the bottom, I have the six magnets on the flywheel but putting out 44.5 V I think is still functioning.

    I have a question, is 120 psi in the compression test it is that kind of low? At this time should I be considering a top end rebuild? Honestly I don’t want to go that route but I have too I will do it.

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    Wait until you get the new parts installed. If it runs properly then record the max sustained RPM while riding on the water.

    If the RPM is in the correct range then you have the expected engine power and compression must be good.

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    K447 is "The Man" on Polaris... but... are all the spark plugs warm after a short run? I was having a low RPM issue, and it was not firing on all cyl's.

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    I will keep you update when I receive the parts. Thanks.

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    Parts have been installed and engine is running good. There are no more problems noted. I took it to the water today and the max RPM's where between 6300 to 6600, top speeds with two people 55 mph. I had a blast with the Jet Ski.

    Before I installed the new CPS I did measure the continuity and was 152 ohms, the old one was reading 512 ohms. The EMM did not detected any fault, no bad codes were displayed in the L.E.D tool, the only code was 11 that it means system ok.

    it is time to have fun with polaris this sumer.

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    I have something very similar. Will bog down at about 25 mph. now that you've gone through everything, what would you recommend my first plan of action? THANKS!!!!!

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