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Thread: 08 GPR wont rev

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    08 GPR wont rev

    Any thougts on why GPR w/ EFI will idle fine , but wont do more than 8 mph on
    the water ? Thanks for any input.

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    Melbourne (AUS) gtile04's Avatar
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    how does your wear ring look

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    Like new , ski only has 10 hours on it.

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    Are you able to rev it out of the water? You might try looking to see if the cat-con broke off and is lodged in your exhaust.

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    no, won't rev out of water either, trys to , but breaks up badly, likes its starving for fuel. Pulled fuel pump to check filter on
    the bottom, that was clear, injectors maybe ?

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    Morehead City, NC / Stow, OH
    Seriously, check out the cat-con. Last summer I couldn't get my ski above 4,000 RPM and found this once I took the stinger off:

    The thing turned sideways so it was barely letting exhaust by. Only a couple of bolts to take off the stinger and check...

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    forgot to mention, just had pipe off to replace starter clutch assy. cat was in good shape

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    what is the whole story??? starter clutch replacement at 10 hours?

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    I really appreciate the help so far,goliath, i wish it was the cat.

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    Did you put the cat back in or lose it and go with a Dplate and chip?

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