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    04 rxp sputtering and coughing HELP!

    Newbie to the site and 4 Tec skis so bare with me!!

    Well I just bought a stock 04 rxp with 33 hours. The ski is sputtering at idle and low rpm's. If I hold the throttle steady the rpm's jump around sometimes and around 5200 rpm's the motor will make a popping or coughing sound every time unless I power right to high rpm's. The ski seams fine at high rpm's and maxes out at 7800 rpm.

    Things I've already checked are
    -Installed new plugs- And noticed the cylinder 2 plug looks darker than the 1 and 3 cylinder plugs!!
    -93 octane gas
    -checked all hose connections- all tight
    -compression tested. Cylinder 1 is 130 psi and cylinder 2 +3 are 135 psi

    Any ideas why the center plug is burning different??

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    Try pulling the coil pack on #2, and start it to see what happens.

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    a few possibilities are ...and you have checked some..

    plugs 1
    coil pacs are #2
    tps...the coughing makes me think it may be this one..
    they are 200 bucks from seadoo...get the part number off of it and go the the local parts house..i have heard they can get you one for about half..

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    Ok thanks for the fast reply I will check the coil pack later tonight and post back

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    Tried pulling the coils While running on hose and they all seem fine.
    Even swapped a good coil around while riding on water still didn't help. Any other ideas??
    Could it be an injector?
    How can I test the tps. Any way?

    My main concern is the popping or coughing noise coming from motor around 5200 rpm,s. Doesn't do it at any other rpm's

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    Sounds like bad spark plugs bro. Go to advance auto and get a set. Ngk dcpr8e 4339s

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    Just changed them hard to believe there bad already

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    Has it been sitting with old fuel in it ?

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    Yes since last September there was a quarter tank and I topped it of with 93 octane and burnt a whole tank

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