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    Oil Sending unit / 2003 Polaris Virage I

    Hi everyone, I am new and not sure how to go about this. I was reading a post and it said to contact "John Zigler" to get the part needed. I am not sure how to do that? I need an oil sending unit, part # 2410131. My oil light flashes when the ski is turned on. After it first did it we slid the donut up on the rod and put a zip tie under it. It worked for about 3 hours of riding and is now flashing and going back into limp mode. Any ideas, help and or info on buying the part needed would be great. Thank you, Mike

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    Put an ohm meter between the two leads from the sender and make sure it is reading from 33 ohms full to 240 ohms empty. That will tell you if the sender is bad or not. If the sender checks out ok then check your connections.

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    Unplug the oil sender wires and ohm check the sender.
    33 ohms = tank full, 240 ohms = empty tank

    Also inspect the wires and contacts for damage.

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