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    Riva stage 1 RXTX only revving to 7700 RPM

    Hi guys and first I would like to say what a great Forum for info.

    This is my first post and I am looking for some advice for my 2008 RXT X

    My ski has had most of the RIVA stage 1 mods done, 4" Air intake, 2 degree pump wedge, new impeller etc etc,

    Also I have had a new remapped ECU for more revs

    I am using it in about 30 degrees air temperature on the sea but my problem now is that I am only revving to about 7700 RPM when I should be getting 8400 RPM with the new ECU.

    I have checked all the fittings that may be leaking pressure and they alll seem fine. I contacted the company that supplied me the ECU and they have told me to check the intercooler for any oil residue in there as this might be restricting the RPM.

    If you guys can offer me any further advice on this problem I would really appreciate it


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    Has your prop been pitched?

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    the prop definitely needs to be pitched for the higher rpm's. another question is what valve train upgrade did you do for with the ECU remap? you don't want to run those higher rpm's unless you upgraded them.

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    I doubt its the impeller......unless you drop it!

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    We need more info,specify what impeller and so on.
    You can't put an ecu on and expect the rpm's to raise to 8400 rpm.
    You will need bigger supercharger,more fuel .

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    Thanks for the help guys.

    I think I have a Solas 15/21 impeller on there (not 100% sure as dealer fitted it before I bought the machine)

    My main reason for the question was I have seen 8200RPM on it before but now only getting 7700RPM. Called the dealer that supplied me the re mapped ECU and he said the most likely cause was the intercooler being blocked with stuff. I have not taken the intercoller of yet but intend to do that this week and clean it out with petrol as this is what I have read on here is the best thing to do. My ski last week with a full tank and 2 of us on it I managed to hit 68mph on a calm sea but the air temperature was about 30 degress.

    Oh I had the titanium valve set to preplace the OEM valves

    Hope this helps

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    so you were running 8200 rpm before the ECU remap and 7700 rpm after? were there any other part changes besides the ECU?

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    Sorry I think I did not make it clear, I had the ECU re mapped and I saw the RPM's run at around 8200RPM but now for some reason it only runs at 7700RPM. Nothing has been changed since I saw the 8200RPM the only thing that has changed is that the air temperature has got warmer as the summer came along

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    did the rpm's instantly drop or was it gradual over time?

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    Not sure as use on the sea but think it was insatnt

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