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    Loss of power and RPM after engine is warmed up ...

    I have a 2003 MSX140. After it is warmed up and running for about ten minutes, the RPM drops and won't exceed 4,000-4,400. Very shortly, as soon as it cools down it works fine. There is no power for accelleration. No overheat lights display. The TPS and heat sensor have been replaced. There is no obstruction to the cooling water flow. A new thermostat is installed. The EMM feels hot to the touch but I'm not sure what is excessive. The fuel pump is new (but the gas gauge has not worked since it was installed).
    I'm looking for any suggestions. Thanks much, Chuck

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    Do check the EMM water cooling circuit for good flow. The EMM should not be very hot to the touch, if the water cooling through the EMM is actually flowing.

    Make sure the brass elbows in the stator cover are not clogged, and check that all the small water hoses are not kinked, squashed or otherwise restricted.

    The EMM water circuit is separate from the main engine flow, but the EMM water does pass through the flywheel stator cover.

    If you remove the metal covers from the EMM (take it out of the hull first), look for signs of bubbles or hot spots under the gel sealant.

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