what other make / model transom plate and or ride shoe fit an hx, don't care about the exhaust outlet. filling and drilling holes isn't a big issue either. Building a 787 hx and either going to run the big hub rfi pump, or if its any bit of an upgrade or worth doing a 155 pump.

mods to engine are buckshot pump gas head and domes, factory pipe spec 2, and 44mm buckshot carbs.

so asking should i stay 144 or go 155 pump, and what other make/ model transom plate with integrated ride shoe fits an hx? im prety sure all 144mm transom plates have the same bolt/ stud locations. just the water passages might be different. Do 155 ride transom plate/ ride shoe share the same mounting bolt pattern?

an aluminum 10 vein 4-tec pump would be nice.